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“Consulting”— sounds so big and important. But it’s really just a business-y term for “people helping people.” The trick lies in finding the right people for the right project. And that’s where Hanson Consulting Group excels.

We understand the importance of matching the right professionals with our clients and their projects. We analyze your project’s requirements and find the consultants with the skills and experience needed to drive your project to completion. No matter the size or length of the project, we have professionals who will meet your needs and budget requirements.


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“Hanson Consulting creates an environment and culture where you feel empowered to do your best work. We're a team that always steps up to help and support each other.” 

Anonymous Team Member

“Hanson Consulting Group does a great job of making me feel valued. Good work is regularly recognized and well compensated for. The corporate culture sets an expectation for high-quality results without excessive pressure. They provide me with all the tools I need to complete my job successfully.”

Anonymous Team Member

“Hanson provides employees with excellent benefits. You are taken care of as a person. They make it easy. Everyone is reasonable and nice. That is rare compared to other companies in this sector. Truly an outstanding organization. Really good culture.”

Anonymous Team Member

“The culture at Hanson Consulting Group is second to none. From the very top down, everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, and able to communicate. If I have a question, no matter how simple, it is answered quickly and cordially. Serious communication is handled with the appropriate weight, and requests to management are duly considered. Management has also helped with career progression options, letting me know as a newer employee that they value me beyond a body doing a task. While the vibe may be relaxed, the standard is known, and the work gets done even while we have fun. I can't see how anyone wouldn't want to work in that kind of environment!”

Anonymous Team Member

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As far as jobs go, this is a pretty freakin’ great one. We place our consultants in some of the most innovative companies in the technology and healthcare industries. They work on leading edge projects that include gaming systems, software innovations and mobile technologies. We prioritize finding the perfect fit between our clients and our consultants, so everyone is happy and the job gets done right.

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We’re all in this together, which is why Hanson Consulting Group is a strong supporter of our community. Corporate social responsibility and philanthropy are an important part of our company and we’re excited to share a few of the community initiatives that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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