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How we make a difference

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

If the planet and its people ever stop changing, perhaps our efforts to protect them both will, too. Until then, we are in a constant state of trying to do better and be better. Here’s how Hanson Consulting supports the earth and all of its beautiful creatures.

About Us

Environmental Responsibility

What good are superpowers if you don’t use them to help save the planet for today’s generation and those to come? To that end, Hanson Consulting has pledged to reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 55% or more—and we've enlisted some of the rarest and brightest individuals in environmental sustainability to help us get there.

In the short term, we are also doing little things every day that have a huge impact:

  • Universal work-from-home policy to eliminate travel by cars, buses, and planes whenever possible

  • Outfitting all employees with environmentally-friendly, low emission laptops


Reduce Carbon Footprint

Hanson Consulting Group is a proud participant in Puget Sound Energy's Green Power and Carbon Balance programs. Through PSE, we replaced our Kirkland, WA headquarters electricity with green, renewable energy generated in the Pacific Northwest, and we offset our natural gas usage by supporting regional projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gases.

Partnering with Environmentally Conscious Suppliers

As a services organization, we carefully select the suppliers and vendors we do business with. Whether it be the paper we're purchasing for our printers or the laptops we're providing our team members, we align ourselves with like-minded businesses who provide us with products that support our environmental sustainability values.

  • Annual CDP Climate Disclosure Participant

  • Carbon Fund Supporter

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by 55% before the year 2030

  • Participant in the Green Power program

  • We are a paperless office! All forms are thru DocuSign and cloud

Making the workplace a better place

Sure, it’s work, but who says we can’t have fun along the way? At Hanson Consulting, we are devoted to creating an amazing work experience (and we have the Cameo roasts to prove it). Here are just a few of the ways we support our team members.

Diversity & Inclusion

Well-being & Health

Career Growth

Our Team

Diversity & Inclusion

Our people are our most valuable asset. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, self-expression, and talent that our employees bring to their work represents a significant part of not only our culture but the success of our company as a whole. Our motto is, “The more unique, the better!” and we actively embrace and employ people of varying ages, races, religions, physical and mental abilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more.

Well-being & Health

It’s no secret that physical and mental health directly influences work behavior, attendance, on-the-job performance, and let’s face it, overall happiness. (And we are all about happiness.) This is why we actively work to help our people stay healthy by covering 100% of employee healthcare, offer a 401k match, long-term disability, life insurance, flexible paid time off, and paid holidays. We even award comp time during stressful periods of the year and have free mental health and other resources available for all employees.

Career Growth

Why climb the corporate ladder when you can take an elevator to the top? At Hanson Consulting, we focus on moving people around so they can find the perfect fit—and gain valuable skills and experience along the way. And this isn’t just about generating success within our company. We want you to succeed no matter whether you stay here or seek out new opportunities. We even offer resume help, interview prep, and salary negotiation assistance should you choose to take a full-time job with one of our clients. That’s how invested we are in your success. 


We are also honored to support the following local charities below

Giving Back

Learn more about the community initiatives that are dear to our hearts.

Our Community Initiatives