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What Employees Really Think About Working at Hanson Consulting Group

Hanson Consulting Group continues to make a name for itself by providing an exceptional work environment

In today’s business environment, one of the most important things separating one business from the competition is the experience employees have within the workplace. And Hanson Consulting Group is leading by example—providing an exceptional workplace and earning a spot on Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2019. 

Based in Kirkland, Hanson Consulting Group’s core focus is meeting the needs of clients within the IT, technology, business, and gaming arenas. 

Employees Come First 

Think about what happens to assets over time. Without attention and routine maintenance, they depreciate. Most companies will agree that they do whatever it takes to keep their physical assets performing well. However, the performance and condition of their employees are often overlooked. Without proper attention to employees’ morale and motivation, productivity may suffer.  But Hanson Consulting Group has recognized the inherent value each employee brings to the proverbial “table.” As such, Hanson provides an exceptional working environment where its employees feel valued and greatly appreciated. 

As one Hanson employee states, “Amy Hanson takes care of her people. [Hanson offers] competitive wages, incredible benefits, frequent social and team-building gatherings, and a dedication to the wellness and happiness of each employee. Every executive-level employee maintains open communication at all times and takes a genuine interest in employees’ professional and personal lives. By far, this is the most cared for I've felt in my career.” 

As Hanson has seen, developing ways to improve employee motivation leads to greater productivity, reduced turnover and training costs, and more satisfied employees and customers—all critical to business success. Motivated employees also are very loyal to their employers. Feeling good about their jobs and their company leaves them less inclined to start thinking that the “grass is greener on the other side.” 

And Hanson employees overwhelmingly feel valued beyond what is typically experienced in a workplace environment. “Hanson is a great place to work because the company genuinely cares about their employees, their business partners and fosters a positive work environment where employees are empowered to do their best work,” says one Hanson employee. “The team feels supported and has access to all levels of management.” 

Mutual Trust & Open Communication 

Employees often state that they are most satisfied when provided plenty of inclusion, control and trust. If management makes employees feel like part of the company, gives them appropriate control over decisions that affect their area of responsibility, and shows that they care about each person, employees are far more satisfied. And that is exactly what Hanson does exceptionally well. According to one employee, “Hanson is laid back and provides its workers with a lot of autonomy. You are trusted to perform well from the beginning and you are never micromanaged. This is refreshing and inspires me to do my best work to earn that autonomy. The support is great and I always feel I am well equipped to perform my role on the team.” 

Other employees are grateful for the mutual trust and flexibility offered within the Hanson environment. “I like the fact that micromanagement is kept to a minimum but that if any issues arise I can immediately loop in management for their input and they will have my back.” 

One tool that has proven to be a key retention component at Hanson is personal and professional development opportunities. It should come as no surprise that today’s employees want to be taught what to do, how to do it, and most importantly, want to be able to grow intellectually and professionally. And when management adapts a culture and style of including all employees in the business and making them feel important, soliciting their ideas and input, it is a win-win for all. 

“The management team wants to see you succeed and wants you to boost your own personal profile and skill set by taking on new challenges and broadening your skillset—ultimately, making you more valuable to the team and potentially other roles down the road,” one employee says. 

Impacting Employee Financial Security and Well Being 

While the working environment within Hanson has earned the company accolades aplenty, the financial and benefits compensation helps make this company truly stand out from the crowd. It is evident that the company makes decisions based on what’s best for its employees. 

“We have some of the best benefits out there for a small company and I know that Amy fights every year to keep costs down without sacrificing quality,” says one employee. “I think she has sacrificed her own personal gain to make this happen.” 

As a leader who looks out for her employees’ professional, personal and financial well-being, Amy also exudes what it means to be a leader—and her employees take notice, each and every day. 

“Amy as a leader is one of a kind—she's highly respected within our organization and also with our business partners and clients. She's a woman of her word and genuinely cares about the company and its individual employees,” says one Hanson employee. “We work hard for her because she works so hard for us.” 

Hanson Consulting Group focuses on the fact that the company’s employees want a lot more than just a job. They recognize that employees are likely to spend nine to ten hours a day in their vocation and they want to utilize their gifts and talents and feel like they are making a positive contribution. Because Hanson helps employees develop and grow within a positive environment, Hanson’s employees are here to stay. 

As one employee states, “If there were a better company to work for, I would apply. But there isn't. And it's not just due to the work suiting me, or Hanson having hired me. It's due to Amy Hanson, owner, actively earning the loyalty of those around her, through her innate ability to just be human—to cry and cheer and truly believe in what she has created, knowing full well that means believing in her employees. It shows—daily, moment-to-moment. Amy isn't just the heart and soul of Hanson Consulting, but the heart and soul of what it means to be human. Or rather, what it should mean to be human. I am honored to be on her payroll and honored to represent her name in the company I work for. I never thought I'd feel this way about a job. But there you are.”