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belle headshot doodle 2022

Bella Hanson, the baby of the family, joined Hanson Consulting Group in early spring 2019. After quickly realizing she was named ‘beautiful’ she knew her puppy dog eyes and golden locks could be used to her advantage to steal the hearts of everyone around her (especially her mom!). Her role as the intern in the office is to shadow her sister Finley, and learn how to be a proper working dog and how to behave like an office dog. She hasn’t quite mastered either yet, so she spends most of her time working remote.

In her free time Bella loves eating high-end undergarments, enjoys spending weekends playing on the beach at her parent’s house on Vashon Island, and wrestling with her sister.

belle headshot doodle 2022

Fun Facts

Favorite Foods

Peanut Butter and Cheeseburgers


Jumps and twirls when it's time to eat!


Possibly the only lab that doesn't like to swim or take baths.


Likes to watch TV.

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