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Colin McCaig

Managing Director


Originally from California, Colin has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of his life. He has spent many years of his career in large organizations, like GE Healthcare, Siemens, and Microsoft, but also was a driving force in supporting and positioning several pre-IPO .com ventures. Colin has found a perfect fit at the Hanson Consulting Group and very much enjoys holding the position of Managing Director. His background is in accounting but, in addition to his degrees, holds certifications in Finance, Six Sigma Black Belt, PMP, and Data Science. At Microsoft, he has primarily been in Chief of Staff, Finance, and PM roles - with a focus on developing strategy and overseeing excellence in execution. 

Colin would be the first to say that his north star is faith, family, and friends. He is married to Erica and together has four children. (And is still looking for the perfect dog).


Fun Facts


He co-founded the Microsoft Cookbook to support the annual GIVE campaign.

Mountain Man

An avid climber, Colin enjoys hiking in the Alpine Lake Wilderness.

Love Story

He fell in love and married Erica, co-founder of the Microsoft Cookbook.

New Family Member

His family welcomed Daffodil, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy this year.

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